This was a steganography challenge from THCon CTF where we were given a qr .gif image. When I tried to view it, multiple QR’s were being loaded in a few milliseconds gap. 1 I solved this challenge using imagemagick and zbarimg. First, I used imagemagick to get all single QR’s from the given .gif, and then ran zbarimg to get characters from each file, and when I put all characters together I got the flag. Here’s my script:


# Requires imagemagic and zbarimg

# Use imagemagick to convert the given .gif qr file to 40 single files, and renames them as newfile-1.png newfile-2.png and so on upto newfile-40.png
convert living_QR.gif newfile.png

# Loop that iterates through all files and uses zbarimg to print character from it, then filters only the character for the flag using grep and cut
flag=$(for i in {0..40}
        zbarimg newfile-$i.png | grep "QR" | cut -d ":" -f 2
#Removes extra space from the flag and writes the flag to file name living_qr_code_flag
echo $flag | tr -d ' ' >> living_qr_code_flag
#Cleans up all those newfiles that were created by imagemagick
rm -rf newfile-*.png

2 That gives us the flag THCon21{Ba5ukumqmZIVJ2onznXkfY61YS7Cxdi6}
Hope you learned something today!
Thanks for reading!
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